category: Live

Bon Jovi #THINFStour

I went to the live which Bon Jovi’s THINFS tour at Kyocera dome.It was since 5 years ago. Set List

Michael Schenker Fest

I went to the Michael Schenker Fest’s live for the first time. A small hall is good for me. Set List

Exchanged speaker cable

I’ve exchanged the speaker cable for a long size one.So the pedalboard has been able to put far from the cabinet.But I can’t understand difference between both sounds.

Tube Screamer mini

I added a drive pedal to my pedal board. How do you think adding a drive pedal to the tube amplifier?

Making a Patch Cable

I’m making a patch cable.


I’m going to change the plug from straight to L type. I need to use a solder. To use it is to me for a long time.