My new sound IR-200

February 4, 2024

Finally I bought a guitar simulator IR-200. My favorite preset is X-Hi gain.


  1. Choose a preset what you like with the Memory knob.
  2. Play some phrase.
  3. You can change sound making with EQ knob.

And you can overwrite selected preset.

Using as audio interface

You must install USB driver at And it needs a micro B USB cable.

Choose VENDER mode at [MENU][SYSTEM][USB].

You run your DAW app and then make sure its input setting. The source is IR-200 4in 4out.

  • MIX IN parameter is return sound from DAW. Sound doesn’t hear if value is zero. So this value is 200.
  • LOOPBACK parameter is mixed all tracks. So you need to turn OFF this parameter.
  • EFX OUT parameter is volume to input DAW. This value is 200 too.

Due to direct monitoring, I have no idea which track recording.