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My Mac has been down

The Macintosh I use was down so I don’t make some music anymore.

Server moved

I’ve rent a server which has global IP address. So this site moved from home server. And it was able to get a secure connection. But this site has returned to home’s one due to reinstall that server’s OS and apps.


I finally updated my DAW, Ableton Live, from 9 to 11.It can be arm mode when we long push a Push’s track select button.It became easy to use because we only use one finger. The beat can be randomized the velocity. So it hears naturally. Listen:

WordPress again

This website uses the WordPress again.It’s lightweight and speedy, I think.I’m going to release this version in 2022 but it has been finished its design earlier than I think.So I just renewed the design of this website.

imusic’s website

I’ve finished installing the WordPress.

Reinstall my home server

I finished re-installing LAMP to my Raspberry Pi.